China Travel Agent has 12 years of experience conducting tours to China. We value the partnership with travel agents and we always provide the best commission. Travel industry is evolving over time. But clients coming to a travel agent are always in need for personal services and expect a better designed itinerary and a worry-free tour experience. That's why we offer the Insider program exclusively to travel agents and their customers.


  • Specialize in China, and only China
  • Three offices in Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai of China
  • Over 6,000 U.S customers took a trip of life with in 2013
  • Attractive trans-pacific air rates
  • Higher-than-market salaries to tour guides
  • Emphasis on personal services and sightseeing

For your customers

  • Best value in travel industry
  • Best tour guides
  • Thoughtfully designed itineraries
  • Customized tours
  • Packages from economic to luxury

For travel agents

  • Customers-loved tour packages
  • Most competitive commission
  • Customers' satisfaction is guaranteed
  • Frequent FAM opportunities with best rates

Our support

  • Marketing assistance and suggestions
  • Customized email/flier for agencies to help promote
  • Co-Op Advertising
  • Power Point Presentations by demand

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