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Jiali Tang: Flying Life
pages high quality art pictures and one DVD (DVD in Chinese)

"Tang Jiali: It was a turbulent year for dancer-turned-model Tang Jiali who justified her decision to do a nude photo album by saying she wanted to "forever keep her youthful image." The artistic nudes drew the praise of many critics but saw her caught in a storm of public criticism.

Even her traditionally minded father stopped talking to her amidst inaccurate, face-losing claims that the pictures were pornographic. Because of disputes, she went through a lawsuit with the photographer of the book. Teetering on the brink of a nervous breakdown, Tang shut herself away, only going out to breathe in some fresh air at night.

Ironically the outbreak of SARS brought her new hope: "SARS totally changed my view of life," she said. "I thought that life had made a joke of me before. From now on, I am determined to start to enjoy my life." Not only has she started going out in public again, she's also gearing up for the publication of another photo album. " (from CHINA DAILY Report People of 2003, an event-packed year 2004-01-05 Beijing Weekend.)

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