China Tour Reviews

  • Client: Mr. D Swift​ from United States Updated: Apr 25, 2014

    Travel Time: Apr 10,2014-Apr 20,2014

    Tour Route: China Gold Route

    Dear May Lin, Returned last night from our tour. What a fabulous tour! You can use us anytime for a reference. All on the tour mentioned your helpfulness. The trip was magical and eye opening. We were "blown away" by all the sites. Our tour guides, Ivy (Beijing), Sam (Xian), and Charlie (Shanghai area) were the best. Charlie mentioned that photos would be uploaded to China Tours web site and accessible by putting in the tour number. I wasn't able to find the link. Liked the variety of tour... Detail Comments

  • Client: Mr. KATHY COLL from United States Updated: Apr 15, 2014

    Travel Time: Mar 23,2014-Apr 02,2014

    Tour Route: Splendid China Tour

    Fiona, This note is let you know what an amazing time my son, Edward and my traveling partner Dave Remaly had on our China excursion. Everything was just as stated and the accommodations were great, our guides were super and gave us a great understanding of the Chinese Culture and heritage and the opportunities were outstanding. I can't thank you enough for the role you played in making this trip a reality for us. If you ever need a person to speak to a client about the actual trip, pleas... Detail Comments

  • Client: Mr. Burhan Akhtar from United States Updated: Feb 10, 2014

    Travel Time: Jan 28,2014-Feb 03,2014

    Tour Route: Splendid China Tour

    “Tom Tom Tom!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had a wonderful trip, It was beyond our expectation. Best trip of my life. It was worth every moment there. Thanks for arranging this awesome tour. I am gonna spread the good words around for china tour company to my family, friends, co workers etc. It really did cherished our mood especially after the sad incident of spritual leader demise. We had a very nice group of people, very considerate and friendly. Both tour guide Jing and Peter were awesome. My whol... Detail Comments

  • Client: Mr. JAMES MARRELLI from United States Updated: Feb 09, 2014

    Travel Time: Jan 27,2014-Feb 03,2014

    Tour Route: Splendid China Tour

    Hi Peter Barbara and I want to thank you and China Tour so much for such an amazing experience. The tour far exceeded any expectations we had and we are so grateful to have seen so much of China and learned so much about its wonderful people from our guides. Jing in Beijing and Peter and Shanghai were simply outstanding. They were so professional yet personal and contributed to our group having such a wonderful experience. Next time we would like to tour Harbin in January to see the Ice Fe... Detail Comments

  • Client: Mr. JAMES & PATRICIA H from United States Updated: Dec 26, 2013

    Travel Time: Dec 04,2013-Dec 16,2013

    Tour Route: China Highlights

    Fiona, we have returned from our trip and want you to know how pleased we are. Your coordination and the information that you sent were excellent and prepared us well. The trip was outstanding in every way. The sights selected for us to see were at the top of our want list and some that we saw were not even aware of. Our tour guides were friendly, knowledgeable, flexible and helpful. The hotels were “five star” and extraordinarily comfortable and elegant. The food exceeded our ex... Detail Comments

  • Client: Ms. Chelle .C from United States Updated: Dec 10, 2013

    Travel Time: Nov 24,2013-Dec 02,2013

    Tour Route: Splendid China Tour

    Hello Fiona - our trip to China was wonderful! The China Tour guides were all very knowledgeable and fun to be with (especially our guide, Lot, in Beijing! He was the best at keeping us crazy Americans in line). If you can believe it, we had blue skies almost the entire trip - very little smog! We learned so much and saw so many wonderful places...I lived it for eight days and still cannot believe we did so much! The hotels were much more Western than I expected and we were very well fed ... Detail Comments

  • Client: Mr. Inessa & Leon Rubin from Canada Updated: Oct 26, 2013

    Travel Time: Oct 10,2013-Oct 18,2013

    Tour Route: Splendid China Tour

    Dear, We traveled to China on the tour above on Oct 10-18, 2013. Generally, the tour exceeded our expectations! Itinerary was very well planned with attention to details, transfers between cities were not too long and not too tiring, there were plenty of interesting activities, exploration to the Chinese culture, traditions, arts, medicine, trades. The hotels were great! We appreciated that all breakfasts, lunches and a few dinners were included. Food was good, and we felt... Detail Comments

  • Client: Mr. Ana Z from United States Updated: Oct 12, 2013

    Travel Time: Sep 11,2013-Sep 23,2013

    Tour Route: China Highlights

    Hello! My dear Fiona Liu, I have to thank you for helping me on booking my trip to China, I must tell you I had a blast that place is so beautiful It turn out to be better than I thought . The weather was perfect Cool can't wait for my next trip. Thank you so much. china tour. Detail Comments

  • Client: Mr. Charlie De Koning from United States Updated: Oct 02, 2013

    Travel Time: Sep 15,2013-Sep 26,2013

    Tour Route: China Highlights

    Dear Fiona. just returned from a wonderfull time . it is a fascinating country. the people are very friendly. the building boom is remarkable. the guides, lot, sam & frank were all very nice, with an excellent knowledge of their cpuntry. they really looked after us . just wanted to pass on how much we enjoyed the adventure. thank you. take care. Detail Comments

  • Client: Mr. Lee C from Updated: Sep 30, 2013

    Travel Time: Sep 16,2013

    Tour Route: China Highlights

    Hi May Lin I would like you to know that my wife, Colleen, and I just had the most wonderful trip to China- our very first! We are not the only ones who feel this way. Everyone in our group each felt the very same way. Thank you so very much for all your efforts to make the trip as great an experience as possible. It just shows that, with people like you, your company's experience, knowledge and diligence over the years will always be reflected in the great amount of satisfaction your cus... Detail Comments