Private Tours

China, one of the largest tourist countries in the world, boasts breathtaking scenery, time-honored history and profound culture., a reputed travel agency specialized in inbound China travel, offers various all-inclusive private China tours, which cover the most breathtaking scenic area like Guilin, ancient historical city like Beijing, glorious cultural city like Xian, featured minority-populated area like Yunnan and the terrific experience like Yangtze River cruise. Join the fantastic private tour of China and discover the gem of China!

1st Time China Tours

If you want to experience awe-inspiring antiquity, out-of-this-world flavors and stupendous scenery along your travel, China, the ancient oriental kingdom, would be the best choice for you. If this is your first time to travel China, you would be impressed by the overwhelming Great Wall in antique Beijing, prosperous Bund in metropolitan Shanghai, world-renowned Terracotta Warriors in ancient Xian, breath-taking Li River in picturesque Guilin, majestic Yangtze River in Chongqing, and high-land landscape in Tibet etc.. These are all must-haves for your first-time China travel. Take the following China tours and discover the gem of China!

Recommended Tours for 1st China Trip

More than half of our private tour clients selected or tailored the following tours for their first trip to China.

Second Trip to China

With its unique charm, China appeals tens of thousands of travel-addicts worldwide to pay a visit all year round. While many travelers who visited here end up with coming back again for their second China trip For second time China tours, the following travel destinations are recommended, which covers the destinations for scenery appreciation, culture experience, history discovery as well as hiking adventure. Explore these China re-trip destinations and discover this imperial kingdom in depth! Go with and enjoy your second time China tours!

  • Yangtze Cruise Tours

    Discover the beauty of Yangtze River in the most exciting way

  • Tibet Tours

    Experience exotic highland landscape, unique Tibetan culture etc.

  • Silk Road Tours

    Trace back to the glorious Silk Road in ancient times

  • Yunnan Adventures

    Witness the beauty of Yunnan in Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, and Shangri-La

  • Guizhou Minorities

    Explore the exotic landscape, ethnic minority culture & festivals

  • Sichuan Tours

    Discover the picturesque Jiuzhaigou and see the cute giant pandas

Recommended Tours for Return Trip

More than half of our clients selected or tailored the following tours for their second trip to China.

China Theme Tours

China is vast and off-the-scale massive, which does have much to offer for visitors’ exploration. To meet the needs and interests of different travelers, particularly designed a spectrum of China Tours of different themes, which spans from Education Tours, Business Tours, Panda Tours, Family Tours, Photography Tours, Train Tours, Kung-fu Tours, Hiking Tours, Golf Tours. No matter what your need and preference is, our China Theme Tours has something for you! Join our China Theme Tours and discover China in your own way!

Customized China Tour

Our experienced and knowledgeable agents will customize the most suitable China tours according to your preference. For the tailor-made China tours, we assure the following:

* Unparalleled Flexibility* Guaranteed Service* Competitive Price