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11 Days Beijing-Xian-Suzhou-Hangzhou- Shanghai, Air Inclusive at $1399

May is one of the best months to visit China for its comfortable weather and some traditional and modern festivals. And ChinaTour.com promotes an affordable itinerary for those value seekers from $1399.
This itinerary includes the best travel destinations - Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou. You can experience the best and essence of China in these cities. Experience the imperial elements in Beijing, marvel at Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses in Xian, appreciate the exquisite traditional architectures of Jiangnan in Suzhou and Hangzhou and be lost in the vibrant energy of Shanghai. You will have a wonderful journey.

Chinese Culture

Festival in May

International Labor Day falls on May first, so it is also called May Day. It is a festival of labors around the world. And every country has their own customs of spending Labor Day. In China, people from all walks of life have one-day off on May first and they participate kinds of entertaining or sport activities held in gardens, squares and theatre. Some outstanding workers are commended on this day. But if May 1 is a Saturday, Sunday, or Friday, the public will get an extension and have 3 days off. During 3 days off, many people choose to travel nearby attractions.

Activities in May

Great Wall Marathon: Since its inception in 1999 (except 2003, due to SARS), the Great Wall Marathon has been held in every May along Great Wall. International Tea Culture Tourism Festival: It is held in Shanghai and lasts about 1 week, around April to May, 2014. The festival aims to show the distinguished tea culture. Dragon Well Tea Festival: It is held in Dragon Well Village, Hangzhou. During the festival, visitors can pick, drink tea, enjoy tea ceremony and roam around the beautiful countryside.

Featured Food During Journey

Peking Duck: Peking Duck or Beijing Duck is best-known for the thin and crispy skin, rich taste and long history. It should be tasted during your journey in Beijing.
Xie Ke Huang Pan Cake: The well-known Xie Ke Huang Pan Cake in Shanghai was created in 1920s. The sugary stuffing is made from sugar, sweetened bean paste, date paste, rise, etc.
West Lake Vinegar Fish: West Lake Vinegar Fish is very traditional delicacy in Hangzhou. It is made from sugar and vinegar with other ingredients is poured.

Learn Survial Chinese with Chinatour.com

Beijing 北京 běi jīng Suzhou 苏州 sū zhōu
Shanghai 上海 shàng hǎi Hangzhou 杭州 háng zhōu
Do you speak English? 你讲英语吗? nǐ jiǎng yīng yǔ ma? I want to go to hotel.我要去酒店。 wǒ yào qù jiǔ diàn
I am hungry (thirsty or tired). 我饿(渴、累)了。 wǒ è (kě, lèi) le.
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