Lugu Lake

Reputed as "Pearl on Highland", Lugu Lake, also referred as Bright Lake, is located in the northwest Yunnan plateau in the centre of Ningliang Yi Autonomous County in China, 200 kilometers from Lijiang Old Town. It was listed in to 4A Scenic Area by National Tourism Beaura in November 2009. With an altitude of 2690.75 meters, it covers 48.45 square kilometers in area and 93 meters in maximum depth. Water in the lake is so azure blue that even water 11 meters beneath the surface is visible.




The Lugu Lake is the highest lake in Yunnan province, and also one of the deepest fresh-water lake in China. Surrounded by lofty mountains, Lugu Lake is home to five islands, four peninsulas, fourteen bays and seventeen beaches., which is just like a sparkling jade embedded in Yunnan Province. Some algal blooms dot the surface of the lake, Zhucao Boat, the only vehicle on the lake, float slowly and Mosuo ballad echoes around, which makes Lugu Lake a great getaway for escaping from the bustling world. Immersing yourself into this enchanting scene would never fail to be a fantastic experience. Many ethnic minority group are resided along the lake, the Mosuo, Norzu, Yi, Pumi and Tibetan for example, among which Mosuo People inhibited most. The Mosuo People still keeps the wedding custom of matriarchy.


In northwest of the lake stands the impressive Gemu Mountain, which is the incarnation of Gemu Godness that worshipped by Mosuo people. In southeast of the lake connects the boundless meadow, where lavish grass and strong sheep are endowed. In the shadow lake grows the bushy reed tripling with breeze and cluster of flowers bend with wind. If winter comes, tens of thousands of rare migrant birds, white swan, black-necked cranes for example flock to perch here, which creates another distinctive landscape for the lake. Standing on the shore of the lake, criss-crossed paths and hectares of farmland would come into your sight.

Travel Tips

    Location: 100RMB 

    How to get to: From Lijiang or Kunming, take the bus to Ningliang County first. After arrival, take the bus bounding for Yongning County and get off at Luoshui Village. It takes 20RMB and 3 hours to get there.