Things to Do

Kunming, a popular tourist city in China, has much to offer for visitors and there are many things to do in Kunming. Among the numerous ones, the following top things to do in Kunming are listed for reference. Read the Kunming things to do below and get more information about your Kunming travel.


Visit the Stone Forest

Stone Forest is crowned as "the greatest world wonder" and "the stone forest museum", which is a great getaway to explore the jaw-dropping Karst landscape in the world.


Pay a visit to the Dianchi Lake

Dichi Lake is reputed as "pearl on plateau" and has been a favorable scenic spot since ancient times, where visitors would be rewarded with breathtaking sceneries of it.


Buy some flowers

In Kunming, flowers are quite cheap and sold by weight. Bird and Flower Market is a great place to buy the diverse fragrant flowers.


Buy the wax-printed works

Wax printing is a traditional skill prevalent among ethnic minorities in Yunnan province, which is featured with distinctive patterns, simplified style and exquisite designs.


Buy Pu'er tea

Pu'er tea is the most famous one among the diverse teas in Yunnan, which enjoys a reputation of "Beauty Tea". The older the tea is, the more fragrant it is. Therefore, visitors are highly recommended to buy some to preserve.


Buy gem and jewels

Yunnan is now the world-known distribution center of gem and jewelry in China. Among the dazzling gem and jewelry in Yunnan, jade is highly recommended to send to friends as gifts.


Eat the mouth-watering Cross Bridge Rice Noodles

As a representative dish in Yunnan, the tasty Cross Bridge Rice Noodle is well-known in China and no Yunnan trip is complete without tasting it.


Eat the Pot Steamed Chicken

The Pot Steamed Chicken is a well-known dish in Kunming, which is brimming with distinctive Yunnan flavor. Tourists should not miss tasting it.


Buy ivory and wood carvings

Carving in Yunnan is the best-known handicrafts in Yunnan. It is vivid in shapes, sophisticated in skills and delicate in design, which is really a must-have in Yunnan travel.


Experience the Eighteen Oddities

Yunnan boasts eighteen characteristic oddities, by which visitors could explore an authentic Yunnan.