Kunming Shopping

Kunming is multi-ethnic minorities inhabited and is home to diverse culture of ethnic group of China. As an important tourist city, Kunming boasts enchanting scenery, characteristic culture and time-honored history. Kunming also has much to offer for shopping-addict and shopping in Kunming is quite convent. As for Kunming shopping, specialties in Kunming are uncountable and diversified, ranging from precious jewels, fragrant Pu'er tea, delicate handicrafts for ethnic minorities, to nutritious mushroom and exquisite carvings. In the following, the must-haves in Kunming shopping are offered.


What to Buy in Kunming

Gems and Jewels

Gems & Jewels

Kunming is home to hundreds of companies specialized in gem and jewels. The jewels in Kunming are diversified, ranging from jade, ruby, sapphire, to amethyst, agate and the likes. As time goes by, the gem and jewelry industry is developed gradually in Kunming. Now Yunnan has been the world-known distribution center of gem and jewelry in China. Among the dazzling gem and jewelry in Yunnan, jade is the most famous, which is diverse in variety and is suitable to send to friends as gifts.


Puer Tea

Pu'er Tea

Yunnan is the one of the third largest tea-producing province after Fujian and Zhejiang. Tea produced in Yunnan boasts time-honored history, which is brimming with unique tea culture of Yunnan. Tea in Yunnan enjoys diverse varieties, among which Pu'er tea is the most famous. After fermented with special process, Pu'er tea is compressed into a variety of shapes, such as melon, brick and pillar. The older the tea is, the more fragrant it is. Pu'er tea taste mellow and sweet, which enjoys the reputation of "beauty tea".


Yunnan Ethnic Handicrafts

Yunnan Ethnic Handicrafts

As is known, Yunnan is multi-ethnic inhabited, which is the home to the dazzling delicate handicrafts of ethnic minorities of China. Saddlebag is a traditional handcraft of Dai ethnic minority. It was originally weaved with ramie and cotton, while silk and cotton now. Hand-stitching work is a featured handcraft of Sani people of Yi ethnic minority inhabited in Yunnan. Hand-stitching is a type of embroidering, which is usually applied to decorate handbag, clothes and kerchief and so on, brimming with full-bodied local culture of Yi ethnic group of China.



Yunnan Mushrooms

Yunnan Mushroom

Yunnan is perched on Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, which is endowed with lofty mountains, verdant trees, sufficient rain, and favorable climate. It sometimes rains in spring and summer, which offers the unparalleled living conditions for mushroom. Mushroom in Yunnan is diverse in variety and different in flavor, which is an essential ingredient in well-known dishes in Yunnan. Among the diverse mushrooms, Termitomyces albuminosus, matsutake and Bamboo Fungus are of highest economical value. Visitors should never miss buying some when traveling in Yunnan.


Kunming Carvings

Ivory and wooden carvings

Carvings in Yunnan enjoy time-honored history, exquisite technical and diverse varieties. Among them, ivory and wooden carvings are the most famous. Ivory carvings are vivid in shapes, sophisticated in skills and delicate in design. As wooden carving, the ones produced in Jiangchuan County of Yunnan are the best-known. Wooden carvings are usually applied in decorating table, desk, furniture, tea sets and the likes. Patterns in the wooden carving vary from dragon, phoenix and peacock and so on, which makes the furniture more gorgeous and magnificent. It is no wonder that many travelers buy some ivory and wooden carvings in their Yunnan travel, which seems make sense now.


Where to Buy in Kunming

Shopping in Kunming is easily available. In Kunming, shopping area is centered in downtown and shopping malls are quite near to each other, which bring much pleasure to the shopping-addicts. Shopping place, home to diversified goods and specialties, are ubiquitous in Kunming, ranging from luxurious department store, shopping plazas to standard shopping street. Whatever you want during your travel could be purchased in Kunming.


Shopping Market & Streets in Kunming

Flower and Bird Market

Features: Not only flowers and birds but traditional handicrafts are available.

Location: Jinxing Street, Zhengyi Road How to get to: Take No. 1, No.5, No.52, No.56 and No.100 to get there.


Shangyi Flower Market

Feature: Diverse flowers are flocked here, which is as cheap as vegetables.

Location: Bailong Neighborhood, Bailong Road, Kunming

How to get to: Take No. 47, No.49, and No.72 to get there.


Supermarkets in Kunming


Features: Cheap in goods and enthusiastic in staff

Location: Daguan Commercial City, Daguan Road, Kunming

Phone: 0871-5383259


Jiadeli Supermarket

Location: Chuanjin Road, Panlong District, Kunming


Huamei Supermarket

Location: Dongjiawan Road, Guandu District, Kunming


Biafu Supermarket

Location: News Road, Wuhua District


Shopping Malls & Department Stores in Kunming

Meichen Department Store

Features: Discounts are sometimes offered.

Location: No.98, Fuchun Street, People Road, Wuhua District, Kunming

Phone: 0871-3618633


Jinlong Department Store

Features: decoration outside is fabulous and goods are in high quality.

Location: No. 131, Baita Road, Panlong District, Kunming

Phone: 0871-3103136


Baisheng Department Store

Features: Discounted fashion clothes are often available.

Location: Bailian Square, Sanshi Street

Phone: 0871-3630186