Yunnan Ethnic Village

Yunnan Ethnic Village, bordering Dianchi Lake in south, is 7 kilometers far from downtown of Kunming City, covering 485 hectares in area. It neighbors West Hill, Duguan Park, Zhenghe Park and other well-known scenic area and it is well-blended with them. Since opened to public in 1992, it won visitors home and abroad with great wonders for many years.


It is planned to build 25 ethnic villages in this theme park. Villages of Yi, Dai, Miao, Jingpo, Wa, Hani, Naxi, Dulong and others have been accomplished and the left ones are under construction. As an essential part of Dianchi Scenic Area, Yunnan Ethnic Village is dedicated to showcase the natural landscape and human landscape of different ethnic minorities, and it is just a window for visitors to know the daily life of Chinese ethnic minorities.




The gate of Yunnan Ethnic Village is magnificent and gorgeous, above which a board with the name of this theme park is hung. In the center of the board lies logo, a soaring golden peacock, symbolizing the prosperous future of Yunnan Ethnic Village. In front of the gate is a broad square enclosed by lush lawns. The lawn is dotted with several sculptures of white elephant, lovely and delicate, as if there are greeting guests.


Villages in this theme park are well-arranged and captivate visitors with their unique charm. The park is just a beguiling patchwork of minority villages distributed along shady pathways, zigzagging galleries and exquisite arched bridges. The Yunnan Ethnic Village is shrouded by lush green all year round, so it do have much to offer to visitors whenever they come.


In these featured villages, visitors could not only discover the Chinese ethnic group's culture of architecture, clothes and folk custom, but also enjoy the marvelous water-screen film, ethnic dance, elephant performances, exquisite ethnic handicrafts, and palatable ethnic food etc.. What is more, some traditional festivals of Chinese ethnic groups are also celebrated in this theme park, such as Water-sprinkling Festival of Dai People, Torch Festival of Yi Group, Knife-ladder-Climbing Festival of Lisu Group, Worship Sanduo Festival and the like. Visitor could join the celebration of these festivals and immerse themselves heartily in the profound culture of Chinese ethnic groups.

Travel Tips

    Admission Ticket: 70 Yuan 

    Opening Time: 8:00-18:00 

    Location: West bank of Dianchi Lake Phone: 0871-4311108 

    How to get to: Take the bus No.44, and 73 to get there from downtown.