West Hill

Neighboring the captivating Dianchi Lake, the West Hill is 15 kilometers far from downtown of Kunming, stretching 40 kilometers at the altitude of 2500 meters. The West Hill is endowed with breathtaking natural scenery indeed. However, visitors come to West Hill are more captivated by its places of interest than by its enticing natural landscape. When visiting West Hill, the five must-sees, Huating Temple, Taihua Temple, Sanqingge Pavilions, Nie'er Tomb as well as Longmen Grotto, should never be missed.




Built in 14th century, Huating Temple is a well-known holy land of Buddhists in Kunming and it is perched at an altitude of 2050 meters. Taihua Temple, built in early 14th century, is blessed with verdant trees and clusters of flowers, where fragrance of flowers is all-pervading. The grand Sea-viewing Pavilion in Taihua Temple is a great place to watch the sunrise of Dianchi Lake. Sanqingge Pavilion together with Longmen Grotto is a jaw-dropping architectural complex built on the precipitous cliffs on Luohan Peak, the main peak of West Hill. All architectures here are completely engraved on stones, and it is where the highlight of West Hill lies in. Looking down on Longmen Grotto, you would see the creepy cliff would be in views, while looking forward, command a panoramic view of the inviting Dianchi Lake.


West Hill was called Green Bird Hill in Tang Dynasty, and Taihua Hill in Ming and Qing Dynasty. Since it is situated in the west of the Kunming City, it is called West Hill by the locals. Seen in distance, West Hill resembles a "sleeping beauty", lying silently beside the breathtaking Dianchi Lake. The beauty's face, breast, belly and legs and her hair dropping in water are so life-like in appearance. In West Hill, you would be surrounded by lush tress, blooming flowers, singing birds and bubbling waters, which lives up to its fame "The First Wonder in Kunming".

Travel Tips

    Admission Ticket: 40 Yuan on peak season, 30 Yuan on off season 

    Opening Time: 8:00-19:00 

    Location: Xishan District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province 

    Phone: 0871-8426668 

    How to get to:  Take No. 5 bus and transfer to No.6 Bus at Liangjia River to get there. Or get to Yunnan Restaurant first and then take the tourist shuttle bus to get there.