Stone Forest

Situated in Lunan County, Stone Forest is 100 kilometers far from Kunming City. Being a well-reviewed scenic spot in China, Stone Forest is composed of 7 scenic districts and occupies more than 400 square kilometers in coverage, which is crowned as "the greatest world wonder" and "the stone forest museum". The favorable climate, neither too cold in winter nor too hot in summer, makes it a great place to spend a holiday. It is one of the four greatest attractions in China, together with the Forbidden City in Beijing, Terracotta Army in Xian and the mesmerizing Guilin. No China trip is complete without visiting this great wonder.




Billions of years ago, the site of the Stone Forest used to be boundless sea, where plenty of limestone was accumulated. Because of geological evolution and tectonic movement, the grotesque Stone Forest is created under heaven. The stone forest area is packed with grotesque stones, which seem to break the earth simultaneously, standing solemnly and magnificently. Some stones are as high as 40 meters, while some are only several meters high. On sunny day, the stones forest is off-white, while brown-black on rainy days. Immersing in the stone forest, visitors would be rewarded with the authentic beauty of nature and profound custom of local flavor.


With its unparalleled beauty, the Stone Forest captivates multitudes of visitors domestic and abroad to pay a visit. Stone Forest is well known for its grotesque rocks, breathtaking lakes, deep silent cave and cascading waterfalls. These unbeatable features create an enticing picture, in which caves, waters, rocks, waterfalls blend with the surroundings harmoniously. When walking in this picture, visitors could drink in the off-the-world paradise with their infinite imagination.


Visitors are not only intoxicated by the jaw-dropping scenery of Stone Forest, but also by its unique folk custom. On the fertile land around Stone Forest lives the happiest group in the world-Sani People of Yi nationality China. They create the featured Ashima culture and characteristic dances, working and reveling on the out-of-the world land.

Travel Tips

    Admission Ticket: 140 Yuan 

    Opening Time: 7:30-18:30 

    Recommended Visiting Time: about 4 hours 

    Location: Yi Ethnic Minority Autonomous County, Yunnan Province 

    How to get to: Coaches shuttling between Kunming city and Stone Forest Scenic Area are easily available in Long Distance Bus Station near train station. Visitors could get there by coach from Kunming.