Jiuxiang Scenic Area

Located in Yiliang County of Yunnan Province, Jiuxiang Scenic Area is 40 kilometers far from Yiliang County and 90 kilometers far from Kunming City. It is composed of five scenic districts: Diehong Bridge, Sanjiao Caves, Dasha Dam, Alu Long and Mingyue Lake, covering 175 square kilometers in area. Diehong Bridge Scenic District is open to public and the other four are still under construction.


Jiuxiang Scenic Area is perched in mountainous area, where Yi ethnic minority and Hui ethnic minority are inhabited. Jiuxiang scenic area is blessed with lofty mountain ranges, criss-cross rivers and verdant trees. Taking karst cave as its major tourist attraction, Jiuxiang is crowned as "museum of karst caves", whose caves are large in scale, time-honored in history, diversified in shapes and jaw-dropping in scenery. The caves in Jiuxiang fall into 4 cave clusters: Sanjiao Cave, Dashang Cave, Diehong Cave and Dasha Dam Cave, each of which enjoys its own features.




Jiuxiang Scenic Area is also home to lush trees and varied floras, where such trees as pines and camphorwood grow verdantly. What is more, Jiuxiang is also the birthplace of the aboriginal Yi ethnic people, brimming with profound ethnic minority flavor. People living in Jiuxiang mostly celebrate these festivals like Hunting Festival, Worship White Dragon Festival, Love Song Contest, Bullfighting, Wrestling, Sanxian Dance (Sanxian is a three-stringed plucked instrument), Rattle Stick Dance. Climate in the scenic area resembles that of Kunming, neither severe cold in winter nor extremely hot in summer. The grotesque karst caves, breathtaking natural scenery, diverse flora and fauna, well-told interesting tales, and rich folk custom are intriguing multitudes of travelers home and abroad to pay a visit.

Travel Tips

    Admission Ticket: 120 Yuan 

    Opening Time: 8:00-18:00 

    Visiting time: 2-3 hours 

    Location: Jiuxiang Scenic Area, Yiliang County, Yunnan Province 

    Phone: 0871-7511966 

    How to get to: Take the coach to Liangcheng County in West Coach Station in Kunming City first, which costs about 9 Yuan. After arriving in Yiliang County, take the bus to Jiuxiang Scenic area, which costs about 6 Yuan.