Dianchi Lake

Perched in Anning City of Yunan Province, the Tianchi Lake is nestled on the foot of West Hill, with Daguan Park in north and Jining County in south. It is 5 kilometers far from Kunming City and is the sixth largest inland freshwater lake in China, which is reputed as "pearl on plateau" and has been a favorable scenic spot since ancient times.


Dianchi Lake, also referred as Kunming Lake, is created due to long-time crustal movement, and it is 1886 meters above the sea level. Embraced by tens of peaks and luring waters, Dianchi Lake is just like a sparkling pearl embedded on Kunming. The lake is crescent-shaped, stretching 39 kilometers from north to south and 13.5 kilometers from west to east. Occupying an area of 300 square kilometers, Dianchi Lake is the largest lake in China. More than 20 rivers converge into Dianchi Lake.




Dianchi Scenic Area is quite mesmerizing, where natural scenery and human landscape blend to each other perfectly. It could be divided into two districts, namely west district and east district. What makes Dianchi Lake distinctive is that the color of its water changes with clouds and sunshine of the day. Around Dianchi Lake also lie many places of interest, such as West Hill, Daguan Park, Yunnan Ethnic Village and so on. These featured attractions are all ideal getaway for visitors to get close to nature to relax themselves.

Travel Tips

    Admission Ticket: Free 

    Opening Time: 8:00-18:00 

    Phone: 0871-3164961 

    Location: At the foot of West Hill, Kunming 

    How to get to: Take the bus No. 24, 44 to get there.