Bird and Flower Market

Situated in the center of Kunming City, Bird and Flower Market is the biggest and most ancient bazaar in Kunming, which is home to many cultural relics, well-decorated shopping stores, various birds, diversified flowers and palatable snacks.


With distinctive features, the bird and flower market on Jingxing Street is a great getaway brimming with interest of daily life. On the 0.5-kilometer-long street, shops are lined on both sides and people are ubiquitous, bustling and boisterous. Goods are easily available in this market. The market was original focused on selling birds and flowers and it is prosperous since opened in 1983. Since it is favored by many foreign travelers, the market is developed into a sightseeing spot gradually.




The market is now focused on flower, birds, flower, jewelry, and antique and so on. The various flowers cover orchid, camellia, cuckoo, narcissus, roses, and begonia and so on. The diverse birds include thrush, conure, parrot, mynah and the likes. Jewelries range from bowler, ruby to sapphire. The precious antiques include snuff bottle, water pipe, jade cigarette holder, and jade pendant and so on. Ancient coins domestic and abroad are also available in this market. With its diversified commodities and profound culture atmosphere, the market draws multitudes of visitors to pay a visit despite of fatigue and long journey.