Best Time to Visit

The geographical advantage offers the favorable Kunming climate, neither severe cold in winter nor extremely hot in summer. With a mean temperature of 15℃ in a year, the average Kunming temperature in the hottest month of a year is around 20℃, while around 7 ℃ in the coldest month. Climate in Kunming is spring-like all year round, which lives up to its fame "Spring City". Therefore, it is suitable for visiting Kunming all year round, and no matter when you come, Kunming has much to offer. The unbeatable climate of Kunming with breathtaking scenery mesmerizes uncountable visitors to travel Kunming all year round.


Although Kunming is suitable for traveling all year round, the best time to visit Kunming is from March to October. In this time frames, most festivals of ethnic minorities are celebrated, scenery of Kunming city, the most charming, and fruits, the most diversified. Therefore, visitors would be rewarded more if visiting Kunming during this period. What is more, during the best time to visit Kunming, chances are that visitors could see the capped snow mountain in early March.