As the capital of Yunan Province, Kunming boasts time-honored history and mesmerizing scenery, which is an important tourist city in China. Kunming has much to offer to visitors, from the overwhelming Stone Forest, enchanting West Hill, breathtaking Jiuxiang Scenic Area, impressive Golden Temple, to mysterious Black Dragon Pool, mesmerizing Daguan Park, and enthralling Dianchi Lake. Dishes in Kunming are quite unique, the Over the Bridge Rice Noodles, Steamed Pot Chicken, Er Kuai (Rice Cake) and Smoked Smelly Bean Curd would be a great feast to your taste bud. Kunming travel Guide offers the spectrum of useful Kunming travel information. Such information as Kunming attractions, Kunming tour, Kunming food, Kunming tour, Kunming map, things to do in Kunming as well as best time to visit Kunming are all included in our Kunming travel guide. Hope this Kunming travel guide would bring much help for your Kunming travel.

Kunming Tours

Kunming Culture

Kunming, reputedly "Spring City", is endowed with time honored history, favorable climate as well as profound culture. The magnificent Stone Forest, fragrant flowers, amazing Dianchi Lake, grand Daguan Pavilion and featured Ethnic Village are what intrigues tourists to pay a visit. Apart from these renowned attractions, the profound Kunming culture also has much to offer to visitors. The characteristic culture in Kunming ranges from Dian Opera, eighteen oddities of Yunnan, Kunming tune, wax printing, which would be a great feast to the eyes' of visitors.

Kunming Food

Kunming food are representative of Dian cuisine (Dian is the abbreviation of Yunnan province), which integrates the cooking style of other cities, brimming with distinctive local flavor of Yunnan province. It is agreed that Kunming food is less peppery than that of Guizhou and less spicy than that of Sichuan. To those who prefer light flavored dishes, Kunming food is a bit more peppery, while not enough spicy to those in Sichuan and Hunan province. It is its distinguished taste that makes Kunming food more national-featured and local-flavored.

Kunming Shopping

Kunming is multi-ethnic minorities inhabited and is home to diverse culture of ethnic group of China. As an important tourist city, Kunming boasts enchanting scenery, characteristic culture and time-honored history. Kunming also has much to offer for shopping-addict and shopping in Kunming is quite convent. As for Kunming shopping, specialties in Kunming are uncountable and diversified, ranging from precious jewels, fragrant Pu'er tea, delicate handicrafts for ethnic minorities, to nutritious mushroom and exquisite carvings.