Kaifeng Food

Besides a cultural city, Kaifeng is also a culinary city with much Kaifeng food to offer for gourmets. The must-eat Kaifeng food are diversified and varies from Kaifeng steamed small buns stuffed with fillings (xiao long bao), Mayuxing bucket-shaped chicken (Mayuxing tong zi ji), baked carp covered with baked thin noodles (li yu bei mian), to chrysanthemum hot pot and Kaifeng four treasures series (Kaifeng tao si bao). Besides, the local-famous Kaifeng restaurant is also offered in this page. Browse for details about the Kaifeng food and Kaifeng restaurant below.


What to Eat in Kaifeng

Steamed Buns

Kaifeng Steamed Small Buns Stuffed with Fillings (Kaifeng xiao long bao)

Kaifeng steamed small buns stuffed with fillings, created by Huang Jishan, enjoys hundreds of years' history, which is a famous dish of Kaifeng. The dish is available in the First Restaurant of Steamed Buns in Kaifeng. The steamed buns here are characterized by its thin paste, diversified fillings, chewable taste and palatable flavor. The steamed buns are usually served with vinegar or soy sauce, both of which are available in bottles at the table in the restaurant.


Where to eat:Di Yi Lou Restaurant Location: At the crossing of Zhongshan Road and Sheng Fu Qian Street


Kaifeng Food

Mayuxing Bucket-shaped Chicken (ma yu xing tong zi ji)

Bucket-shaped chicken is a local-famous dish in Kaifeng. The main ingredient in this dish is the local-raised good hens stewed with thick soup. This featured dish is created by Mayuxin, hence the name. This dish is bucket in shape, light-yellow in color, crisp in taste and palatable in flavor, which is now a must-have on the banquette in Kaifeng.


Where to eat: Mayuxing Duck and Chicken Restaurant Location: Snack Night Market, Gulou Street, Southern Square


Kaifeng Food

Baked Carp Covered with Baked Thin Noodles (Li Yu Bei Mian)

Baked carp covered with baked thin noodles is a traditional dish in Kaifeng. The main ingredients in this dish are quick-fried sweet and sour fish and baked thin noodles. This dish is featured with jujube red color, tender fish, thin noodles, crisp taste and delicious flavor. This course is particular about ingredient choosing, seasoning applying and dish preparing. The fish used in this dish is the one living in Huang River, which is featured with fresh flesh, tender texture and pure flavor.


Kaifeng Hot Pot

Chrysanthemum Hot Pot (ju hua huo guo)

Chrysanthemum hot pot is a royal dish prevalent in the imperial palace since late Qing Dynasty, which enjoys hundreds years of history in Kaifeng. Since the chrysanthemum is the city flower of Kaifeng, Kaifeng has the unbeatable advantage of preparing Chrysanthemum hot pot in terms of materials. The main ingredients in this dish are fresh fish and chicken soup. Scatter the chrysanthemum slices into thick chicken soup and then put the meat pieces into the soup after the faint scent of chrysanthemum is fully permeated into the soup. Served with special sauce, the hot pot is particularly palatable.


Kaifeng Four Treasures

Kaifeng Four Treasures Series (Kaifeng tao si bao)

Four Treasure Series is a traditional savory dish in Kaifeng, which is a representative of Henan cuisine. This savory dish, chicken, duck, pigeon and quail are delicately set in this dish layer by layer, with duck the most outside, chicken second, pigeon third and quail, the most inside. When this dish is shown on table, a complete duck is immersed in the thick soup, luring in color and mellow in smell. After the first layer of duck, then a complete chicken would be in sight, then pigeon and quail. This dish withdraws the merits of these four poultries and makes it multi-flavored. The four treasures series is a must-have along your Kaifeng travel.


Where to Eat in Kaifeng

Xisi Night Fair

What to eat: Kaifeng local snacks, such as Toufu baked on an iron board, Fish Bean curd flat bread, Mutton stringed on a thin stick Location: Near Baogong Temple, about 800 meters far How to get to: Take the bus No. 16 and 20 and get off at Baogong Temple Station.


Drum Tower Night Fair

What to eat: local famous snacks of Kaifeng, such as steamed small buns stuffed with fillings, mayuxing bucket-shaped chicken, baked carp covered with baked thin noodles, chrysanthemum hot pot , kaifeng four treasures series Location:Drum Tower Southern Square, Gulou District, Kaifeng How to get to: Take the bus No. 4, 6, 8, 10, 13, 14, 20, 22 and 24 to get there.