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Chinese Currency – Renminbi (RMB)

Chinese yuan, also known as Renminbi, is used throughout in mainland China, while in Hong Kong and Macau, Hong Kong dollar and pataca are respectively used. The basic unit of Renminbi is Yuan and the sign of Yuan is ¥.

The metric conversion about Chinese Yuan is :

1Yuan=10jiao              1jiao=10fen

In some parts of China, yuan is called kuai and jiao is referred as mao. Chinese money is issued by the People's Bank of China in denominations of one, two, five, ten, twenty, fifty, and one hundred yuan. The jiao and fen coins are both issued in ones, twos, and fives.

For many travelers, exchanging money is frequently needed along their trip, which is particularly true for businessmen along their China business travel. In China, currency exchange could be available in large banks, hotels and airports. For currency conversion, please click the below currency converter.

Currency Converter
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How to count from ONE to TEN on one hand ?

Chinese can use five fingers on one hand to indicate the numbers from one to ten, this is very useful when you can not speak Chinese language or you are at a very noisy place, where body language may be more effective than shouting aloud ...

What Does Renminbi Look Like?
The following are images of the different denominations of renminbi, from 100 yuan to a single fen.

100 yuan (new)


50 yuan (new)

50 yuan


20 yuan

10 yuan (new)


10 yuan

5 yuan (new)

5 yuan

2 yuan

1 yuan (new, issued in July 2004)


1 yuan

5 jiao (0.5 yuan)

2 jiao (0.2 yuan)


1 jiao (0.1 yuan)

From top to the bottom: 1 yuan, 5 jiao (0.5 yuan), 1 jiao (0.1 yuan)

From top to the bottom: 5 fen (0.05 yuan), 2 fen (0.02 yuan), 1 fen (0.01 yuan)

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