China Guide

Nestled in the east part of Asia continent and west bank of Pacific Ocean, China is a large country with the territory of 9.6 million square kilometers. The coastline in mainland China stretches 18000 kilometers and its oceanic area covers 4.73 million square kilometers, which offers the captivating seascape of China. China is also a multinational country with 56 ethnic minorities, each of which has its own characteristic customs and traditions. China is also endowed with diversified terrain, where mountain, plateau and basins are all available. It is the rich terrains that create the varied landscapes in China. China is also a great country with time-honored history and profound culture, where numerous historical sites and culture relics are offered.


China travel guide is a panoramic guide for a perfect China travel, which offers the essential information about China travel, such as time-honored Chinese history, glorious Chinese culture, top China travel destinations, popular China attractions and the likes. This China guide would be of great help for you to get more ideas about China, a world-reputed middle kingdom. Read this China travel guide and discover why so many travel-addicts flock to China for traveling despite of fatigue and long journey!